Lotion vs Moisturizer: What is the difference and When To Use Moisturizer and Lotion?
Mar 2022


Lotion vs Moisturizer: What is the difference and When To Use Moisturizer and Lotion?

Skin is the window to your health. Healthy skin refers to a healthy body. Hence, we all need to take care of our skin and protect it from toxic and harmful substances. Usually, our skin would be able to maintain its suppleness and humidity. But exposure to a polluted environment leaves the skin lifeless.

So, what we do is layer our skin with body lotion and moisturizers and help it stay hydrated and look clean and fresh. Both of them refresh the skin but work differently on the skin.

How does moisturizer help your skin?

As we age, oil glands that help skin maintain its freshness seem to loosen their ability to produce more oils. Here the skin gets damaged. A moisturizer helps maintain the level of oil in your skin and protects it from damage caused due to sun. Of all the moisturizers, the oil control gel moisturizer does not make the skin too greasy. It helps prevent undue oil production.

How does lotion benefit your skin?

Lotion helps our skin by providing moisture to the skin to keep it healthy. It helps skin from getting dry during harsh climates and also keeps a few parts like elbows and heels soft. Scented lotions help you unwind and relax. Some lotions may help add shimmer to your face. They may also help lessen the effect of harsh body cleaners that might damage the skin. The market offers medical lotions that can treat several skin problems and sores.

Which works better - Moisturizer or Lotion?

Both the moisturizer and lotion aim to nourish the skin and maintain humidity. However, the lotion is lighter than the moisturizer and has more water content. Lotion heals the surface skin and prevents sunburn, but, Moisturizers seep into the skin and lock the moisture. Moisturizers can be a combination of lotions and creams.

A lotion can also be a moisturizer. Even though both serve the same purpose, components have different ingredients with different proportions. Lotions have that extra amount of water than the moisturizers, and since water alone cannot protect the skin, few more ingredients are mixed. This would cause skin irritation at times.

When to use a Lotion or Moisturizer?

Since dry skin needs to be hydrated often, moisturizer would be a better option as it penetrates the skin and helps retain moisture. However, nowadays, a natural moisturizer for oily & dry skin is available, which is used mainly on all skin types to prevent them from looking dull.

On the contrary, normal skins usually benefit from a lotion as they are light and provide the required amount of moisture to the skin.


Moisturizers are best for everyday purposes. When you want to keep your skin hydrated for a longer time, a lotion is your best choice. Moisturizer and lotions are best when used after the bath as hot water strips the body of oils and moisture.

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