How to Protect Skin from Sun?
Jul 2021


How to Protect Skin from Sun?

It is tough to enjoy your days to the fullest and not worry about the sun. It is not possible to control the harmful rays of the sun, but you can undoubtedly protect your skin from that. There are plenty of options that you can opt for to keep your skin healthier and safer.

Below are some basic hacks and tricks that you can try to shield your face from the sun:

Opt for Sunscreen

Your skin gets exposed to the sun all day where sunscreen becomes your best friend. With SPF 50 sunscreen lotion to cover your skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays. You can even choose lip balms and cosmetics with SPF. You got to apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go out in the sun. It gets absorb properly in-between that period.

Select Your Sunscreen Wisely

There are piles of sunscreens available in the market nowadays. Picking up a random cream without knowing its effectiveness and your skin types can be harmful. When skin type becomes a varied concern, the spectrum of sunscreen remains the same for everyone. You must choose a water-resistant product and contain SPF 30 or higher. Like it is best to go with SPF 50 sunscreen spray or creams that can keep you from sunburns and tans.

Choose proper Outfit

Select your attires wisely when you go under the sun. It is recommendable to go with long-sleeved shirts, tops, long skirts, and pants for better safeguard from UV rays. Always opt for colors that provide better protection from the heat and rays. Even you have your SPF 50 sunscreen lotion applied, don’t pick up your outfits lightly.

Don’t Underestimate the Night

Don’t forget, unlike the sun, your entire day ends with the night. Hence, just the morning rituals are not going to save your skin from the sun. You need to follow some night rituals too to resolute damage caused in the morning. This ritual includes a compulsory usage of hydrating face wash before your bedtime. Hydrating your skin is crucial when it is about taking care of your skin. You can also practice this habit before applying sunscreen in the morning.      


Why should you compromise with your skin when the sun doesn't with its heat? Don't let the sun take away your brightness, and keep yourself fresh and hydrated every time you step out.     

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