Gel Cleanser Vs Mild Foaming Cleanser: Which One To Use and When
Jan 2022


Gel Cleanser Vs Mild Foaming Cleanser: Which One To Use and When

If you do a daily skincare routine, you must know how important a cleanser is for your face. The cleanser is the first step when it comes to a skin routine. But every skin type needs a different cleanser. 

If you are a newbie, you must be thinking it is all about washing your face; how does the consistency of facewash matter? But its matter a lot. So here we will talk about two different types of cleanser gel and foaming cleanser.

The foam cleanser is not that popular in India. Most of the girls like to use gel cleansers. Let's talk about them separately. And we will also tell you which cleanser to use when.

What is a gel cleanser?

If you need a deep cleansing, then a gel cleanser can be used. The result of this cleanser is very different from forming a cleanser. A gel cleanser can lift all the dirt from your face surface. They don't dry out your face.

If you have normal to combination skin, you can use a gel cleanser. The gel cleanser is not as lightweight and airy as other cleansers. They have a gel consistency. Also, they are hydrating face wash as well.

When to use the gel cleanser

If the environment is hot and humid, you have to go for a gel cleanser. Gel cleanser helps you to get rid of sweat situations. So if you are going outside for travel, consider keeping a gel cleanser. Or, if you are coming out to the gym, use a gel cleanser.

How to use

Wash your face with water. Take a pea size face wash in your hand and put it to the face. Massage gently in a circular motion. Then rinse with water and clean your face with a towel.

What is a mild foam cleanser?

Foaming cleansers are best for acne-prone to oily skin. This type of cleanser does deep cleansing. They are mostly gentle on the face skin. They take all the excess oil from the skin and clean the pores. Generally, they are suggested to use in the nighttime. 

All the foam cleansers contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is harmful to the skin. So if your skin doesn't harm out after using foam cleanser, you can go for them.

When to use

As we said earlier, you can use them in the nighttime. You can use it in the morning if its work for you. They give a fresh look. Also, they can be used after makeup.

How to use

Wash off the face and clean your face with a towel. Then use in the face in a circular motion. Wash the face entirely and take a small amount of mild foaming cleanser.


Every face wash has a different effect on the face. You have to choose a face wash according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, then go foaming facewash. If you have combination skin, then go for a gel cleanser.